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One Hour Pick 'em Up!

The heart and soul of our presentations. 
This seminar is specifically designed to Pump Up Your Audience!
Perhaps your sales team just finished a record quarter, or your marketing people have gone above and beyond the call of duty again. Maybe you are looking for that perfect seminar session to wake folks up after a lunch break or to release your guests for the evening. Whatever the occasion, this is the seminar for you. 

Upbeat, lively, funny, meaningful. We specialize in saying "Thanks" in a way that uplifts your entire group of participants. People work hard for their living and there's no better way to say thanks than some good old fashioned fun after a long day of meetings and reflections. 
This seminar provides that burst.
We accomplish it three ways:

First, we tailor upbeat, pertinent MUSIC to accompany the presentation. Perhaps it's the theme song you've used to instill a sense of teamwork or unity to a project or convention. We work with you to include sounds and songs that fit the occasion perfectly. From Beethoven to jazz to current popular music, nothing is out of our reach. 

Second, the exciting visual effect of having a technically superior juggler perform live before your eyes. With over 25 years experience, Luke is able to juggle a variety of objects, including 3,4,&5 balls, Clubs, Boxes, Rings, Scarves, Fire Torches, or whatever else the tone of the meeting demands. We even have an audience participation section where we invite up on stage either an anonymous member of the audience, or someone that you hand pick, and teach them the basics of juggling while involving your crowd in the fun!

Third, and most important, the spoken message. Whatever you would like to communicate to your participants or group, we will work with you to tailor-make a message that has all the meaning, flair, and emotion that you would like to convey. Whether you're thanking them for a job well done, or asking all in attendance to get behind the latest company direction, we can help deliver a powerful message that gets everyone "on the same page!"

This one's a winner with ALL groups!

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 in the Workplace

Probably the hottest topic in the workplace ever! How much time are you losing to employee
injury or workplace strain? National figures put the total at 33% or greater according to recent

In this seminar, we offer practical, hands-on methods that employees can begin utilizing the very minute they return to their desks! Or, we can even train your group right AT their desks and offer hands on approaches for maintaining good posture, vision alignment, stretching and breathing exercises, and a free daily timetable to assist employees in maintaining certain exercise 
activities throughout the workday!

Truly a unique approach to this thief of productivity!

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Time Management

We've all heard it before, in one way or another, "we all have the same amount of time available
to us." The exact figure is easily broken down: 24 Hours, or 1440 Minutes, or 86,400 seconds each and every day.  Yet, some folks magically seem able to better deal 
with our daily allotment than we do!

This seminar puts the focus on what each person does with their time each day. Utilizing a combination of styles from a variety of time management theories, we work with people to find "lost" time during the workday and investigate actions we can take right now to improve 
productivity in our daily schedules.

This is not a generic, "here's how people do it even though they don't have your job," we sit down with folks in your environment! With the aide of a template to work from, we try to find areas during the day where time becomes elusive and work is difficult to control. From there, we talk about ways to improve our time management skills!

This seminar utilizes handouts and group discussion to facilitate optimum conditions to improve 
every persons' grasp of "time" during their day!

You can't afford NOT to have this seminar!

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Independently Owned
Business Issues

Going it alone can be tough. How do you make it through the day? What sort of schedule is right
for you? If you have a workforce under you, what can you do to help them to be successful? These
and other questions are addressed by this seminar, specifically aimed at budgeting time, identifying
the important issues, and seeing where PROCRASTINATION slows you down! We also take a look at
"Fear of Success" issues and other internal barriers you might have that are slowing you down.

We've worked with folks at the Longaberger Basket Company and others that are trying to make it on
their own! You are not alone! We provide personal stories from our own struggles in this area and pass on valuable tips to feeling productive each and every day. We identify "reward" activities and "fear barriers" that, when consciously attacked and accomplished, allow you to remain on an emotional "even keel" to enable you to move your business to the heights you want it to go!

We also take the time to acknowledge the role of your family and how they may be called upon to
assist in making you more efficient. Having a three-year-old in the house can be a challenge when
you're trying to finish your newsletter or record sales efforts for the week!

This is a "must have" seminar for those working for themselves!

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How To Juggle!

Juggling is such a commonly used metaphor for life! "Bob, you're going to have to juggle around the Steven's account and then get busy with that software development issue." Or, "Mary, I don't know HOW you juggle your time with your three kids and all your civic projects." You get the picture!

This seminar uses this common focus and adds a little fun into the mix! In this seminar, everyone is presented with their own set of juggling balls. The goal is to learn the basics of three ball juggling, first with a partner, then on your own. Only an hour in length, this seminar is a great break for people on retreats, half-day workshops, as a TEAM-Building exercise, or any time that you need to liven things up with your group! You can provide the juggling balls, or we can supply custom made juggling balls with your logo or theme for the day. (We do need six weeks advance warning on this one!)

While FUN is the keyword here, this simple exercise often times brings up powerful issues such as trying new things, looking "silly" in front of others, fear of failure, and that sense of accomplishment that comes from trying and succeeding at something new and different. Wow, it's amazing but true! Your team leaves this exercise feeling a sense of bonding and trust with each other 
that words cannot describe!

This seminar works best with groups no larger than 30 participants, but we actually can work with any number of participants that you have in mind!

This is a great seminar to add in conjunction with ANY of our other seminars, especially the
One Hour Pick 'em Up! It's very exciting to see the action right up close and then get to try
it yourself! Ask about price breaks when choosing this option!

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