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for a Job Well Done!

No one knows how hard everyone in a school works unless they have been in the educational field themselves. Luke has a degree in Education and has experience as a substitute teacher in Los Angeles and Dallas, and five years of Summer Camp Counselor experience! He understands the issues facing teachers, students, administration, and staff who come in each day and try to give the best effort they can to better themselves and those that they come in contact with! 
We know that you often have assemblies and "special" days where your focus is to remind everyone that they matter and that the effort they are producing is worthwhile. Perhaps you are kicking off an Anti-Drug campaign, a Civic Honor for a group of classrooms, a Kick-Off or Closing Celebration for a fundraiser, Rewards of Merit, a Holiday Celebration. Any time that you want a group of people to know they matter--


Looking for a unique idea to present? We work with you to sculpt the most appropriate message for the gathering you are organizing. We have a wide variety of experiences to share and are more than willing to add to the fun! Plus, you have the added benefit of an experienced professional juggler 30 feet from your kids! What better way to remind everyone that no matter what your interest in life, you can achieve any of your dreams if only you are willing to stick with it and do the work involved!

This is a "can't miss" presentation that you won't regret facilitating!
(Ask about our "school friendly" budgeting plan!)


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Virtues in our Schools

We have noticed an increase in the attention given to schools regarding the teaching of Virtues and Values to our young people. In fact, we know of many schools who have a monthly Virtue that everyone is expected to think about and follow in their daily activities. Virtues such as Courage, Respect, Hope, Integrity, Self-Discipline, Responsibility, Perseverance, Compassion, Appreciation of Diversity, Honesty, Openmindedness, and Willingness are all applicable to young people today. 

We can assist in planning a "Virtue of the Month" that all students and staff can rally behind and apply to their daily lives. We can appear at your school on a monthly basis to drive home the importance of the next Virtue or congratulate those individuals who have shown exemplary understanding of the previous month's Virtue. Special pricing is available for 3, 6, and 12 month appearances. 

Even if you already have such a program instituted at your school, we invite you to call for more information regarding this vital aspect of the lives of those in your building! Building our future, on step at a time!


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