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Here is where you can take a moment to get to know us!


Red Club

Remember, no one can do it alone! Special Thanks to my wife, Melva, and child for their love and support in our business! Click the club to the left to view our BIO!

Blue Club

Here are some "artsy" juggling shots for your viewing pleasure!

Purple Club

Speaking of living through adverse times in our lives, here is a collection of pictures from some recent surgery Luke had on his hand. Yes, hands are very important to jugglers!









Luke Kareklas was born in Sharon, Pa., but spent his entire youth in Columbus, Ohio. He first became hooked on juggling at the age of fifteen, after seeing a comedic juggler on the Merv Griffin Show. Immediately after viewing the short segment on TV, Luke scrambled to find three tennis balls and began to teach himself this fascinating art form. By the time the evening was over, Luke had taught himself the basics of three ball juggling.

Luke spent the next six years honing his craft, which quickly escalated to his passion. He was hooked. Over the next several years, Luke performed in many neighborhood talent shows and street fairs, including a four-year stint with the Renaissance Festival at The Ohio State University before graduating from Ohio State with a degree in Education in 1981. After graduation Luke relocated to Los Angeles, Ca., where he lived and worked for two entertainment companies earning a living through juggling. With an outgoing personality, it was an enjoyable and rewarding time as he provided entertainment skills on a variety of venues, including street corners, shopping malls, beachfront locations, and professional stage productions.

In addition to the comedic side of his entertainment, Luke has long felt a calling toward speaking to others about the positive, uplifting side of life. To demonstrate, through his own challenges, how a positive attitude remains the key to personal fulfillment. The end result is his company, Motivation Through Movement. Drawing on his life experiences, including recovery from substance abuse; personal surgeries; child raising; and the near-death experience of his wife; Luke speaks regarding the solution to surviving the pain and trauma life can bring without warning. His message is one to which we can all relate and one, which clearly defines perspective on the truly important themes in life.

Luke lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife, Melva and three-year old grandson Brandon whom they are raising. 

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